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VOLLT has always been about pushing boundaries. With such a close relationship with the music industry, we decided to start a new initiative: VOLLT Artists. A platform for young music creators to showcase their music to the world. In 2018 we first featured an artist on our own YouTube channel: Chun Sensei with his song "Naar De Shop”. The video has now gathered more than 80,000 views online. We are always on the lookout for new and fresh talent. If you want to be featured on the VOLLT Channel, feel free to send us an e-mail: Click here or scroll down to see all our artists



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Muss is a young hip hop artist from the Netherlands with Scandinavian roots. Always looking for innovative ways to approach his music, the singer and songwriter developed his own sweet mix of streetwise styles, which can best be described as melodic trap. Collaborating with producer Gwynn, he sees it as his mission to bring back to beats what has been sorely missing: a striking sense of harmony that is easy on the ears yet hard to fault. Under the name Vollt, Muss also directs, edits and produces music promos, combining an eye for raw aesthetics with a skeleton crew.

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Gwynn is a producer from the Netherlands. Inspired by the game “Guitar Hero” he picked up the guitar at a young age and fell in love with metal, later branching out to other genres such as punk and emo. In his last years of high school he considered going to music school, for which he had to record his own music. He didn’t get accepted but did get a taste of recording music and liked it. Soon after he dropped his guitar for a while and started making music digitally. His love for heavier music manifested in him making hardcore, but this quickly changed once he finally discovered trap. He has now been making beats for many years, gradually forming his own style inspired by the ‘wavier’ side of the trap spectrum, but music from games is also a big inspiration for him. In his music Gwynn attempts to create lush harmonies dragging the listener in, and he also likes to give subtle nods to his inspirations.

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