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VOLLT is a young energetic company based in the Netherlands. We bring fresh energy to promotional and music video's with a singular style and vision.

The founder of VOLLT is Rasmus Gelderblom. He started shooting music video's at a young age and made a real splash with his first: "Kspreyopjebytch" by Jacin Trill. The video quickly attracted tons of eyeballs and reached over 3.6 million views. As a direct result Rasmus got many requests, so in 2017 he decided to found the company we now know as VOLLT. A little later he started his internship at 101Barz, a huge hip-hop platform in the Netherlands. Here Rasmus learned a lot about video production and the industry. After graduating Media College he went on to work at VOLLT full-time. Since then, VOLLT has established a clear vision and approach to music video’s, filling the demand for promo’s with flashy effects and colorful shots.

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